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Women in Leadership and Philanthropy

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WLP Council

The WLP Council was established in 2005 and consists of some of the university's closest alumnae and friends. It is a small group of women who have been invited to offer their guidance to our efforts to better recognize women for the effect they have on our beloved institution. These women have been instrumental in expanding the role of women with this university.

The council has a number of accomplishments to its credit.

  • The WLP mentoring program. The program pairs interested Virginia Tech students with interested women to trade stories and experiences. You need not be a council member to participate.
  • The WLP Endowed Lecture Fund.  The fund allows the WLP to partner with other organizations on campus to bring nationally recognized speakers to campus.
  • The WLP Leadership Award. The award recognizes women students who truly live the university's motto: Ut Prosim (That I may serve).
  • The WLP Conference. The conference is a chance for women to come together and learn about all of the wonderful and innovative things going on at Virginia Tech.

What are the benefits of being a member of the council?

  • The council provides an opportunity to do something meaningful for Virginia Tech.
  • The council provides an opportunity to meet a number of new, unique women and learn from them.
  • The council provides an opportunity to be involved in building a community of women passionate about Virginia Tech.
  • The council provides an opportunity to learn about what is going on inside the classrooms and laboratories at Virginia Tech.
  • The council provides an opportunity to part of a group of like-minded women for a joint purpose.

What is the job description of a council member?

We ask that members of the council commit to the following:

  1. Attend the council meetings held each spring and fall, as they are able.
  2. Make a gift to their philanthropic area of interest at the university.
  3. Assist in the development efforts of Virginia Tech by making connections through their business and/or personal contacts.
  4. Mentor future generations of women philanthropists by becoming involved in a program area at the university.
  5. Make an annual gift to the WLP Endowed Lecture Fund.

WLP council members will be increasingly important as we begin to realize the growing inclination of women to become involved in the life of the university. All council members serve a two-year term renewable for another two years if they continue to fulfill the minimum responsibilities of the council. 

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